Writing Workshops – May and June

The Kawartha Lakes Museum & Archives is hosting a couple of writing workshops:

May 20 @ 1pm – 4pm

Mini Writing Retreat

Feel like you’re in a writing slump? Want to write but don’t know where to start? Need to talk out some of the knots in your plots?

The day will begin with a guided tour through the museum’s current exhibits. Perhaps you’ll be inspired by an object, its history, or tales of the ghosts that inhabit the building. 

After the tour, you’ll be free to take your laptop or notebook to a quiet corner and write. 

Or, gather in the Community Room for writing prompts, brainstorming, and snacks. 

June 17 @ 2pm – 3pm

Publishing Basics 

Confused about your publishing options– traditional, independent, vanity, hybrid? What’s the difference anyway? Which one is right for you? What should you expect from a publisher? What are the pitfalls, predators, and best practices? 

An introduction to the many paths to publishing, this workshop will help you choose the one that’s right for you. Lead by Sara C. Walker, an author who has taken several paths, from traditional to independent, and even taken on the role of publisher. 

The Kawartha Lakes Museum & Archives is located at 50 Victoria Street North in Lindsay.

Contact to reserve your seat: 705-324-3404 or use their contact page.

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