I’m a writer. How can I get added to the Directory?

Great! We would love to add you to the Directory of Writers. Please use the Contact page to send us your brief bio (about 100 words), list of publications, and link to your website.

How can I stay informed about local book news and events? 

The best way to stay informed is to subscribe to our posts. You’ll get each new post sent directly to your inbox. 

How can I promote my book/event? 

If you’re a writer in Kawartha Lakes, we’d love to help promote your book and/or book event. Just use the Contact form to send us the details. We’ll write up a post that will appear on this site, our social media channels and in our subscribers’ inboxes.

Is this a writers’ group?

No. Kawartha Lakes Writers is not a writers group or organization of any kind. It is a website that exists to record the literary history of the municipality of Kawartha Lakes (formerly Victoria County.) Find out more at our About page.

Where can I find a writers’ group?

The best way is to contact the Kawartha Lakes Public Library and ask if there’s a group that meets near you.

Note: All of these groups are dependent on volunteers to administer them, so availability may vary.

Here are a few groups that might be open to new members:

Also try contacting the Boys & Girls Club for groups for teens and children.

Do you have a writers group you’d like to add to this page? Contact Us.

Looking for a critique partner or a beta reader? Leave a comment on this page. 

One thought on “FAQ

  1. Jack Minard

    I have just wrote and published a short story. I got 20 copies for family and friends.
    It’s fiction, and called The life of Ronson Bakker. It is my first attempt at writing.
    It took me 90 years. Maybe someone would like to critique this book.


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