One thought on “Ralph G. Ditchburn

  1. tim fernadza

    i seen this book before, a guy that was dressed like a colonist, was selling it at an out in the sticks automotive tool sale yep you heard me right an out in the sticks automotive tool sale. Don’t get me wrong to each their own ,but I really don’t think an automotive tool sale out in the boonies is quit the right spot to be dressed for Halloween selling romantic novel about some poor abused woman back in the day. again don’t get me wrong I don’t stand for abusing woman kids or animals.sheep is an exception that the colonist agree with as well.but with all due respect grease monkeys back yard gear heads mechanics i should be more politically correct they are automotive technicians regardless what you call them , is not the right crowd for selling a historical tale book about a poor abused woman while your dressed in drag for Halloween. Now on the other hand if this guy had of been dressed like a Patriot he may have been able to stand there saying the book was about abusing and raping and pillaging women and sold right out


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