Kawartha Lakes Stories, volume 2: Winter

This second volume of Kawartha Lakes Stories takes readers on a journey through the darkest of seasons. A mix of genres– including historical, memoir, comedy, poetry and more– reveals Kawartha Lakes as its never been seen before.

– Shannon Peters Bain
– Vivienne Barker
– Russ Bentley
– Jean Booker
– Stefan Ellery
– Cathy Hamill-Hill
– Connie Neil
– Brenda O’Keefe
– Ann Rocchi
– Lori Rowsell
– Tiffany Short
– Karen Sproxton
– Janet Stobie
– Sara C. Walker



Kent Bookstore – Lindsay

The Book Lady – Fenelon Falls

GRR8 Finds – Fenelon Falls

Jasmine Fogwell

Jasmine Fogwell grew up in Norland, Ontario.

Author website: www.jasminefogwell.com

While living in the old inn of Nemesté, James discovers that he and his parents are not the only ones calling the inn ‘home’. On the third floor lives a mysterious old lady named Rionzi DuCrét. Though Rionzi is feared by the villagers and confined to her rooms, she and James strike up an unlikely friendship and soon discover they have both befriended leafy, mushroom footed creatures in the woods called Fidoris.

James’s parents tell him he is too old to have imaginary friends like the Fidoris. And when 150 year old Rionzi DuCrét tells of her Fidori adventures, the people of Nemesté say she has gone insane. Will James and Rionzi be able to prove the Fidoris are real, even though their secret mission is threatened by suspicious villagers and their own doubts about the existence of the Fidoris begin to grow?

An Unlikely Friendship
The Purple Flower
The Journey to the Top of the Trees

Keith Weaver

Keith Weaver was born in Lindsay and raised in Coboconk, but now live in Toronto. His novel, Balsam Sirens, takes place at Balsam Lake.

Publisher website: www.iguanabooks.ca

For Mark Whelan, Private Investigator, it all begins in a sombre but entirely unremarkable way: a visit to the morgue to provide moral support to a client as he formally identifies his brother. But Whelan’s interest is piqued by a link between the victim’s death and Whelan’s own youth and by signs that the death is the result of something darker than the “accident” being suggested by the police. The appearance of a mysterious message from the dead man, the discovery that his apartment had been burgled, and an attempt on Whelan’s life prove that something else, something very valuable, is in play. Then the bodies begin to pile up. Balsam Sirens tells the story of a private investigator who takes on a case that appears routine, but who is soon swept to the edge of a psychological abyss by the abduction of his wife. Whelan, a PI colleague, and an unlikely ally – a fearless bush pilot called Kate – drive the action forward to a gun battle and a surprising outcome.

An Uncompromising Place
Recipe Cops
Balsam Sirens

Call for Submissions: Kawartha Lakes Stories anthology volume 2

Call for SubmissionsKawartha Lakes is home to a lot of talented writers.

This anthology aims showcase writing talent across genres. Often, genre literature is able to tell stories and present issues that might not otherwise be told. It is hoped that fictional stories from genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, action-adventure, romance, and mystery will help form and inform the culture of Kawartha Lakes. Using Kawartha Lakes as a setting will also give opportunity to engage a wider audience with this beautiful city.

Story setting must be within Kawartha Lakes. Stories should be works of fiction of about 3000 words. Shorter works will be accepted. Longer works will be considered (up to a maximum of 7000 words, but query before sending.) Stories must fit the theme: winter in Kawartha Lakes. Send stories about getting snowed in, Christmas mishaps, solstice romance, Festival of Lights murder mystery, etc.

Poetry will be considered.

Writers do not have to reside in Kawartha Lakes.

I am purchasing non-exclusive, first print anthology rights in English. Payment for stories is $25 CAD on acceptance, plus contributor copy. (Selected stories will be edited, and writers will be expected to adhere to all deadlines.) Payment for poetry is $10 CAD on acceptance, plus contributor copy.

When submitting, indicate if the work is original and unpublished. Reprints are welcome, but query first and tell me where and when the story was published.

Excerpts from longer works will not be considered at this time. I want stories with beginnings, middles and endings, and characters I want to spend time with.

Open to ALL genres. Fiction preferred. Non-fiction will be considered, if it meets these guidelines.

Submissions will be open until spaces filled.

To submit, send a brief cover letter in the body of the email with your submission attached as a Word document (.doc only) in standard manuscript format (12-point Times New Roman. See here for explanation of standard manuscript format.) Your cover letter should be short and include relevant experience and publishing credits, if you have them. (See here for examples of cover letters.)

Send submissions to: kawarthaauthors@gmail.com

Here are some examples of what I’m looking for, but the possibilities are endless:

  • a ghost story set in the Academy Theatre or the old Lindsay jail
  • a fairy encounter along the Omemee Hogsback/Esker
  • a werewolf story set in the woods near Bobcaygeon
  • an alien attack in Kirkfield
  • a feud between cottagers where the cottagers are witches
  • a murder mystery set at a local bed & breakfast

I want characters with agency and stories with conflict.

For more examples, check out Kawartha Lakes Stories, volume 1.

Please send any questions to kawarthaauthors@gmail.com


“Are these stories for children or for adults?”
At this time, I am not looking for children’s stories. If these stories were movies, then I’m looking for 14A. (Teen writers are invited to submit!) Perhaps in the future I’ll do an anthology of children’s stories.

“What does “non-exclusive rights” mean?”
Non-exclusive rights means you retain all rights to your work. Sometimes when a short story is purchased by a magazine, for example, they retain the rights, which means you cannot publish that story anywhere else. If you decide in the future you want to put together a collection of your short stories or submit your story to another anthology or sell your rights to a foreign market, I believe you should be able to do that so I’m asking for non-exclusive rights.

“Will I get paid royalties?”
At this time, royalties will not be paid. Payment is a one-time only $25 for short story or $10 for poetry, plus contributor copy. All proceeds from the anthology will go towards funding future anthologies and paying writers professional rates.