Skinner, Shannon

Sharon Skinner writes as Shannon Skinner.

Sharon was born on 17 September 1944, in Winnipeg, where her father was a flying officer. When she was nearly one year old, the family moved to Guelph. She is the eldest child of her family with one brother and two sisters. She married in 1966 and later divorced.

After her marrying, she started to write more until it became an obsession. One of the first was an English mystery, Murder at Ashley Manor.

During the years from 1967–1991, she wrote many stories: “The Key,” “The Promise,” “The Legend of Death Valley,” “A Cry in the Dark,” “Never Say Good-Bye,” and White Dove and the Heirs of Falcon Ridge.

She now lives in the Kawartha Lakes area. 

Her book, White Dove and the Heirs of Falcon Ridge, is partially inspired by the Boyd family of Bobcaygeon.

Built on a young woman’s strength, love and her undying love for her husband and family, White Dove And the Heirs of Falcon Ridge is a fictional story that deals with this woman’s life in the 1800’s until the early 2000 period. Anne, who, at the age of ten, has been living with her mother and grandfather. Anne’s mother is abused by her father and beaten continually. Her mother’s dreams are of finding a better life for her daughter and herself. It is a story of a very unique family, their struggles, heartbreak, love, faith, and their strength to always draw the home where they would find hope, love, and honor.


White Dove and the Heirs of Falcon Ridge (2010)

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