Jules Sobrian

Jules Sobrian (born January 22, 1935 in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago), is a medical doctor, competitive marksman and author, who immigrated to Canada at the age of 21 and resides in Omemee, Ontario. (from Wikipedia)

About the Book:
It is 1856 and Dr. Forsyth’s ambition is to save lives on the Canadian frontier. Fresh from medical school, and accompanied by Kitty, his beautiful bride and nurse, he sets up practice in a scenic village not far from an Indian nation. There he finds himself in competition with the reeve, who not only invents and sells cures for all known human and animal diseases, but exercises some mysterious control over the village council.

Much to his dismay, the public views the doctor’s every success as failure. One by one he inadvertently makes enemies among the local gentry.
When the reeve’s terrible secret is revealed Dr. Forsyth’s dream becomes his worst nightmare.
Kitty is betrayed by the law. Salvation comes from unexpected places, and she discovers that frontier justice is best served by Samuel Colt’s new invention.

White Lily