Ad Astra Convention has lots of programming for writers

Ad-Astra-300x202The upcoming science fiction and fantasy convention, Ad Astra, has lots of programming for writers in addition to appearances by many authors.

The convention happens April 5, 6 & 7 at the Markham Holiday Inn, a mere hour and a half from Kawartha Lakes.

Take in writing-specific panels such as:
– Alternate Canadian Histories
– Changing Face of the Paranormal in YA fiction
– Is the Stand Alone Novel an Endangered Species?
– Creating a Successful Alternate History
– How ePublishing has changed the market for traditional press
– You Must Finish
– Hey, Come Back Here!
– All About Agents
– Fan Fiction to Published
– HOOK: Reeling in Your Reader
– Cross Promotion and Networking in the Age of Social Media
– Let’s Hear Your Elevator Pitch
– How Do You Know Its Done?
– Creating Storyboards for Film
– Things Your Editor Needs to Know
– Save the Cat: Writing Has Rules

Look for authors such as: Jim Butcher, Kelley Armstrong, Robert J. Sawyer, Guy Gavriel Kay, Dennis Lee, and many, many more.