Crime Fiction Book Club Meeting on Thursday in Lindsay

Thursday, May 9th, the Crime Fiction Book Club will be meeting at the Lindsay Library in attendance for the Local Author Series presentation with Virginia Winters. This month the Crime Fiction Book Club is highlighting Canadian crime fiction.

New members always welcome! Join us Thursday May 9th at 7pm in the Lindsay Library.

Winter virginia booksThursday, May 9 at 7 P.M. at the Lindsay Library meet Virginia Winters, author of genealogy mysteries featuring Canadian heroine, Doctor Anne McPhail.

MURDEROUS ROOTS: Anne McPhail is a Canadian doctor and amateur genealogist, who find a dead body on the floor of the public library in the small town of Culver’s Mills, Vermont. The dead librarian, Jennifer Smith, was a gifted genealogical resercher, who used the information she collected about her clients, to blackmail them. Anne takes a dangerous journy, trying to find the murderer amongst Jennifer’s victims.

THE FACEPAINTER MURDERS: Anne McPhail is back in Culver’s Mills, Vermont for a quiet holiday. But Culver’s Mills is an unlucky spot for her vacation. She finds the dead body of a naked man, and is soon helping her friend Adam Davidson to investigate the murder. Who is the dead man and what was his involvement with the theft of a painting and a sampler from the art gallery? Who owns the art, James Trevelyan, an elderly man whose genealogy may hold the key, or the owners of Evan’s, the restaurant where they were found? More bodies turn up as the murderer kills the others in his criminal gang. Then he turns his attention to Anne.

NO MOTIVE FOR MURDER: Anne McPhail is on holiday in Bermuda, visiting her sister. She stumbles upon a murder in progress and this time, she is more than just a witness, she is a suspect, dealing with a police officer who decides Anne is guilty, and sticks to it in face of the evidence or lack of it. But more is going on than a random murder. Anne is caught in the middle a dangerous assassination plot. When she inadvertently upsets the killer ’s plan, he turns his attention to her. The risk spreads to her family and friends and then Thomas Beauchamp arrives on Bermuda. When his role is revealed, Anne’s life takes a dangerous turn.

About the Author: Virginia Winters was born in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada and raised in the Ottawa Valley. After high school in Renfrew, another Valley town, she went down to Queens to study medicine, graduating in 1970. Fellowship in Pediatrics followed, with graduation in 1976. That year she and her husband, Internist George Winters, moved to Lindsay, Ontario with their two children, and have lived there ever since. Virginia’s interests, besides writing, are genealogy, gardening, photography, and studying languages (currently Spanish).

Murderous Roots. 2009.
The Facepainter Murders. 2011.
No Motive for Murder. 2012.

The Local Author Series is a series of presentations by the City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library in which local authors have an opportunity to share their writing experiences and books with readers.

For more information or if you are interested in taking part in the Spring Local Author Series, please contact Diane Lansdell at 705-324-9411 xt 1265.