Start Your Vacation Plans with a Trip to the Library

Loading up and heading out of town for a few days this summer? Start your vacation plans with a trip to the library!

–> Borrow a travel guide. Get all the facts on your destination from any of the popular travel guides. If your branch doesn’t have the one you’re looking for, talk to a librarian. The right one can be transferred in for you.

–> Plan your route with a map. The library keeps a selection of maps and map books in the reference section. Again, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, talk to a librarian. The right one may be shelved at another branch and can be brought in for you.

–> Borrow CDs to listen to in the car. Stop by the Lindsay branch and check out the selection of tunes.

–> Borrow DVDs. Check out the wide selection of movies and TV episodes.

–> Going hiking? Borrow a pedometer to count your steps!

–> Need something for the little kids to do? Borrow a game. The children’s library at the Lindsay branch has several educational games that can be borrowed.

–> Borrow a magazine to read in the car or on the plane!

–> Don’t forget to borrow a book! In addition to some how-to guides, borrow a good story to read in case your vacation plans are rained out.

–> Or maybe you prefer to read ebooks? Load up your device with titles from the library before you go.