Interview with Clint Cummings, Kawartha Lakes Stories contributor

KawarthaWhat is your story about?
“A Prom to Remember” is a story about the consequences of lust in a small town.

What inspired you to write this story?
I wanted to try something a bit different from my usual path and dabble my feet in the waters of Bodice Rippers.  As Lindsay literally has a river running through it, I could think of no other place to use as the set piece.

How long have you lived in Kawartha Lakes? What attracted you to the area?
We were transplanted from Toronto 4 years ago when we had enough of flooding.  We were looking for a great place to raise our kids and so far the town has delivered.

What do you like about living in Kawartha Lakes? What do you wish you could tell non-residents about Kawartha Lakes?
Our lifestyle here is busy but it does not feel overwhelming which is what we needed.  The city of Kawartha Lakes has everything you need when you really think about it plus if you need the big city fix, you can be there and back with ease.

What else do you write? Where can readers find more of your writing?
I keep moving my style around but inevitably, I end up writing about dragons again.  There is one story that just keeps lurking in the back of my mind so I have a feeling that trend will continue until I can find a way to release it.  I do dabble in sci-fi, mysteries, horror, poetry, action and the like.  A collection of these can be found in my first book, Jigsaw: Pieces from a Concussed Mind.  Jigsaw: Pieces from a Concussed Mind REDUX is available via Amazon.  My website is and that will be the place to find all my updates.