Interview with Vivienne Barker, Kawartha Lakes Stories contributor

Vivienne BarkerWhat is your story about?
A couple from London, England who have lost the magic in their marriage, accept the offer of a free holiday in Toronto. Things don’t go to plan with their hosts and they relocate to a grand cottage in the Kawartha’s.  The experience of city dwellers left to their own devices in cottage country might have been a challenge, but a visit from a strange man, claiming to be a Shaman brings renewed hope for their marriage.
What inspired you to write this story?
That has to remain a secret.
How long have you lived in Kawartha Lakes? What attracted you to the area?
5 years (3 full time, 2 as weekenders) Even though I lived in Ontario cities for over 35 years, I never felt at home and hated the hustle and bustle. Kawartha Lakes is accessible without having to travel the 400 highway!
What do you like about living in Kawartha Lakes? What do you wish you could tell non-residents about Kawartha Lakes?
Here people look you in the eye, smile and say hello, how are you, great/awful weather. The lakes are lovely and even if you can’t live right by a lake, they are always visible, especially in Bobcaygeon. Although Bobcaygeon is sleepy in the winter, its great to see the town come alive with visitors in summer.
What else do you write? Where can readers find more of your writing?
I have completed an historical fiction, somewhat based on the unusual life of my ancestors from 1905-1945. It is in the process of being published by Black Opal Publishers and I HOPE it will be available this autumn.  I have completed a story about Pigeon Lake and the Osprey that nest there every year (anyone want to publish it???) and I often scribble story lines that I hope will lead somewhere eventually.
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