Interview with Tiffany Short, Kawartha Lakes Stories contributor

unnamed-4What is your story about?
My story, Rough Justice, is the account of an elderly man trying to balance the scales and concern for his grown daughter’s well-being.

What inspired you to write this story?
When writing the story, I knew I wanted to write about a conflict that dealt with socio-economic issues. I also wanted to look at how pervasive technology has become in today’s society.

How long have you lived in Kawartha Lakes? What attracted you to the area?
I have lived here my entire life, with temporary moves out of the area for school/work. Having most of my family living in Kawartha Lakes and the surrounding area, this is my home.

What do you like about living in Kawartha Lakes? What do you wish you could tell non-residents about Kawartha Lakes?
Kawartha Lakes is home to many artists, who work in a variety of art forms (theatre, photography, paint, jewellery, pottery, writing, etc.). Perhaps by visiting, you will find inspiration as well.

What else do you write? Where can readers find more of your writing?
I belong to the Circle of Writers group at the Kawartha Lakes Library. I am working with my CSARN mentor, Sylvia McNicoll, on a novel. Additionally, I have recently joined CANSCAIP – The Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers. I have a few projects on the go; however, “Rough Justice” is the only one that is publicly available at this time.

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