Matters of Time, an anthology


It affects our every decision. We set alarms, celebrate milestones, and perform daily routines.

Eighty-eight years and twenty-two birthdays, there’s a riddle. Five bucks to the person who can puzzle through that one.

We can change almost every aspect of our lives, but time. Its swiftly moving current propels us to an unknown end.

People who feel trapped will do just about anything to free themselves.

This multi-genre collection will thrill and entertain you with tales of characters making choices with their given minutes…until they run out of time.

Maybe you remember where you were when the clocks stopped and the nightmare began.

Contains stories with zombies, mermaids, magic, and enchantment.

With stories by Kawartha Lakes authors:

Altaire Gural

Sharon Overend

Lori Jean Rowsell

Sara C. Walker


The Lindsay Advocate

Toronto Star

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