A Story to be Told

In 2008, M. Eleanor McGrath published the book, A Story to be Told: personal reflections on the Irish immigration experience in Canada. The book collects the stories of Canadians who immigrated from Ireland. In the introduction, McGrath says, “Hours of taped interviews based on a standard questionnaire have become transcribed first-person accounts in this book. I have maintained true to the tone, speech patterns a nd individuality of the interviews.”

Several Kawartha Lakes residents were interviewed for the project and the stories of their immigration to Canada are included in the book, including that of local writer, Tom Crowe.

Chris Brophy (1933-2020), Kirkfield

Bill Brown (1931- ), Oakwood

Ruth Carr (1939- ), Lindsay

Tom Crowe (1926-2015), Lindsay

Maureen D’Anjou (1925- ), Fenelon Falls

Pat Durr (1939- ), Fenelon Falls

Dave (1931-2020) and Ella (1933-2018) Hamilton, Cannington

Kathleen McKay (1933-2015), Lindsay

Vivienne Mitchell (1930s? – ), Cameron

Joe (1924-) and Betty (1937- )Wilson

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