Sandy O’Shea

Sandy O’Shea. Photo from author’s website.

Originally from the Ajax area, where she graduated from the Ajax high school, O’Shea moved to Lindsay in 2020 and started her business, Let’s Talk Sex with Sandy.

In October 2022, O’Shea started a Facebook group for anyone to join “that would share activities they enjoyed, events that were happening, ideas for getting together.” (Whitnall. KLTW.) Within a few days the group had more than 200 members. (Visit the group: Kawartha Coffee and Conversation.)

O’Shea, a holistic sexpert, “specializes in supporting women through hormonal changes from perimenopause to menopause and beyond, helping them manage stress and embrace their confidence and sexual power. For men, she offers guidance on stress management and erectile dysfunction. Sandy is also passionate about helping couples reconnect and reignite the passion and intimacy they once shared.”

In February 2023, O’Shea published her first work of fiction, When Friends Become Lovers. The erotic story follows Nancy as she embarks on a new relationship after two failed long-term relationships.

O’Shea is working on her forthcoming memoir, From Invisible to Technicolor.

Find out more at:


Let’s Talk Sex with Sandy: what you need to know about sex, hormones and nutrition to be your best, most vibrant, sexy self (2018)

When Friends Become Lovers (2023)


CBC Morning interview (March 2023)

“New Facebook group helps make Kawartha connections.” Catherine Whitnall. Kawartha Lakes This Week. (15 Nov. 2022.)

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